How to Make Time for Social Life as a Student

Work, college, and social life balance can be pretty difficult to achieve. There are only so many hours in a day! Students often have to face the tough challenge of choosing between their friends, their learning, and their part-time work. All of these aspects are extremely important. You need to graduate, as well as support yourself financially, and still have some social life.

While the task might seem difficult, it’s not entirely impossible. First of all, a general recommendation is to stop spreading yourself too thin! This advice will be useful in the future as well when you enter the job market and find yourself working for 8-12 hours a day. College years are supposed to be fun, and some might even say that they are the best years of your life.

At times you will wonder if you have even one spare minute during your day. Also, there will be days when there is nothing to do except spending some quality time with your friends. You can even take a day off if you delegate your homework to people who write essays for money on the internet! This way, you get excellent paper quality and some spare time for yourself.

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So, are you prepared to find this delicate balance? Here are some tips about making time for social life as a student!

Create a working schedule

This is one of the most important tips that a learner can get. Some students, especially freshmen, struggle with their curriculum and the new way of living in general. You will have plenty of classes, study groups, and extracurricular activities to remember, so why leave it to chance? After all, you need to fit your social life into this full schedule as well!

Here are some great tips and tools that will help you organize your time better:

      ●   Install apps on your phone. Luckily, there are hundreds of scheduling apps available for free. You can start with a simple to-do list app and move on to an AI smart calendar that can keep track of every minute of your day!

      ●   Set clear goals for yourself. It’s much better to have some small objectives that are easy to achieve. At the same time, students need to have a clear understanding of their future, so they can always move forward!

      ●   Put similar tasks together. For example, you have a lot of writing tasks that don’t take up a lot of time. Do them together so you don’t spread your attention over a million things all at once!

     ●   Keep an open mind about your schedule. Flexibility is an important trait for any learner! You can try out your calendar for a week or two and make changes if needed.

     ●   Leave some spare time for your social life. With a calendar, it will be pretty obvious when you have a couple of hours for your friends!

Study smarter

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘work smarter, not harder?’ The same principle can be applied to your learning! Use some techniques that will help you remember the information for exams. Try reaching out to the professors or other learners, and maybe they can give you their notes. Some experts say that taking a break is essential, so why not spend one with your friends?

Take part in a studying group

Some might say that this is an effective life hack for very busy learners. You can have a chance at socializing even if your topics of discussion include science and history! It’s a well-known fact that people absorb information better if they are having a good time. Joining a study group will bring your grades up, and it also will be a blast! You might even make some friends.

Play one evening free of any learning once a week

You can’t always study and work all day long! Students easily burn out and lose all interest in their degree. Don’t allow yourself to get to that point! Set aside one day in a week just for yourself, your family, and your friends. You better believe that all your other classmates and friends are just as busy as you are, so you can relax together!

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Learn to be flexible

College years are basically a trial run of your adult life. There are many lessons that you will learn, and one of them is the fact that everybody has plans. Your social life will become much more vibrant when you start working around your own schedule and the calendars of your friends. For example, you can invite them for a coffee break or for lunch during the afternoon!

Find people with similar hobbies

Finding a friend with similar interests can be a lifesaver for a busy person! It’s an excellent basis for conversation and exchange of experience. Also, you can attend classes together and become better at your hobbies! Here are a couple of ideas for some activities that can be enjoyed together with your classmates!

      ●   Photography;
      ●   Cooking;
      ●   Outdoor sports activities, like football or yoga;
      ●   Book club;
      ●   Arts and crafts.

Be happy

It’s the simplest and the most complicated advice that you can get. The most important thing for any person is to be satisfied with their life. So, if you like studying all the time and don’t really enjoy going out, why even bother yourself with it? For some people, it’s completely acceptable to go out once a month, and they are totally happy with their social circle.


So, as you can see, it takes quite a lot of work, effort, and time to achieve a perfect balance of studying and socializing. Still, you can’t completely shield yourself from the world. Students need to have friends and spend time with them so they can make the most out of their college years! You will be looking back at them as one of the best periods of your life.