How to Properly Wash a Porsche to Maintain its Value and Performance

When you buy a fancy vehicle like a Porsche, it’s time to forget about neglecting the care of your car. When investing in a luxury vehicle, you should maintain its value and performance in any way possible to keep your iron horse as good as new.

For many, this means regular maintenance, but luxury car care doesn’t end there. After purchasing such a car, you should start searching for a car garage near me right away so that regular maintenance does not turn into a time-consuming procedure for you. In the United Arab Emirates, a Porsche car garage can be found almost everywhere, since many residents are owners of such cars, while if you live in another country, you should search for a car garage to find the most reliable service for servicing your vehicle.

In addition to regular maintenance, you should not forget to regularly wash your iron horse. Many people believe that it is purely for aesthetic purposes, but in reality, washing your car regularly helps protect the paint as well as the value of the vehicle.

When planning to wash your Porsche, you should prepare in advance. We will tell you what items you need for washing, and also tell you how to properly wash your vehicle.

What you need to buy before washing

Your luxury car requires the same luxurious care, so washing it with just a sponge and car shampoo isn’t all you need. You should purchase the necessary items for each part of your vehicle in advance.

Here’s what you need:

● Several clean buckets;

● Shampoo for washing a vehicle;

● Microfiber sponge or mitt for washing cars;

● Several towels made of microfiber;

● Cleaners for wheels, tires, and glass;

● Wheel cleaning brush;

● Wax.

As you can see, you can purchase all the necessary tools and things yourself. Having all the necessary tools, you can wash your car whenever it is convenient for you, be it on weekends or weekdays after work. In this case, you will not need to look for Porsche service, which will help you save money.

Step 1

First, you need to rinse your vehicle to get rid of all kinds of debris, dust, and various types of dirt. Next, take several buckets, one of which you need to fill with clean water, and another bucket for mixing the water with shampoo.

Using a sponge, you can begin to apply the shampoo to your vehicle. Remember that you need to do this from top to bottom. The main thing that many drivers overlook is that it is necessary to ensure that the sponge is clean during the entire process. If there are dirt particles on it, then you will simply damage your car. Moreover, wash your car’s wheels and rims with suitable cleaners and a wheel cleaning brush.

Step 2

After you’ve treated all parts of your vehicle, turn on the hose to rinse away whatever remains of shampoo. After that, clean the body with appropriate dry towels.

You also need to do this with movements from top to bottom. It is necessary to dry the car body after washing so that no streaks remain on it. At the same time, start cleaning the glass using special products. After this, use dry towels to polish the glass.

Step 3

The final step is to use wax, which is designed to protect the paint layer of your vehicle. In addition, it will help give your Porsche a breathtaking look, so that your car will look like new.

It must be applied using circular movements. After this, let the vehicle dry. Once completely dry, take clean towels to polish the body of your vehicle.


You should wash your Porsche regularly not only to keep it looking great but also to protect the paint. You need to use special products and tools because this way you will be contributing to maintaining the value of your vehicle.