How to see the difference between original Airpods and fake Airpods

Every day it is harder and harder to understand whether there are original Airpods or not. Today fake accessories are sold everywhere.

Let us tell you how to distinguish between original Airpods and fake ones.

    1. Logo and pictures.

The first differences can be found on the box. Headphones, that are depicted on the box, always have sharp lines. You can easily touch and feel them with your fingers. The fakes do not have the same print. Logo opalizes in the light, and the fake logo has a simple picture of the apple.

    2. Stickers on the box.

Very often there are no stickers on the fake boxes. They do not confirm the originality of the accessorize. The original box should have three stickers with the information about the place of production, support for operating systems and the serial number of the device, which can be checked on the Apple website.

    3. Form and contents.

Apple always boxes its accessories into a thick cardboard box. Original gadgets will never easily fall out of it. There is also a lightning-charging cable. The fake box contains a case with a blue film and a middling lightning-charging cable.

    4. Dimensions of the charging silicone airpods case.

Apple won the award for innovation in creating AirPods for good reason. This is the smallest wireless and technological accessory on the market.

Here are the dimensions of the original Earpods:

Each earphone: 16.5 x 18.0 x 40.5 mm

Airpods case cover: 44.3 x 21.3 x 53.5 mm

It’s a small piece of art. And fakes are bigger. They are seriously huge.

    5. The appearance of the airpods case cover and the click sound.

The airpods charging case cover, as well as the headphones themselves, should be milky white. Fakes usually can’t convey the real white and have yellow shades.

And fake cases always have an additional button for connecting or resetting. It just sticks out of the body. Often from the front. In the original, the button for breaking the pair coincides with the line of the back surface. In addition, you can also identify a real airpods case cover by clicking on it. It’s nice and slight. And fake one is loud and ringing, in general, unpleasant.

    6. Joints and gaps.

Original AirPods are carefully finished, which makes it almost impossible to notice any gap. It seems as if it’s all a monolithic case.

The fake ones have micro-gaps. Even scratches could be found on the device. Be sure to check the headphones with a flashlight, it will always highlight the flaws of the accessory.

    7. Markings on the case.

The airpods case cover of the headphones on the back says “Designed by Apple in California”, and the headphones are marked R and L — right and left.

Fakes do not have these markings.

    8. Performance quality of the case.

Apple always uses high-quality plastic in its technology and makes it a glossy coating. But at the same time, real “airpods” almost do not slide in your hands.

If you pick up a fake, you will immediately notice the difference: “soap” grip with the case of headphones or charging case, there may be burrs or roughness in some parts of the device.
As you see, there are many differences, which can help you to define whether there are original Airpods or fake ones. Be sure to always choose the original ones.

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