How to Style Different Puffer coats 

Every woman should have a puffer jacket not only because they are warm but because they are the coolest styles to wear during the cold season. You can choose from the basic black designs to the chic silver styles. There is an option for everyone and different ways to wear each of them. Thus, as you wear the Lily Lulu puffer coat, the rest of your outfit should not be dragging you around. So, how do you hit the streets when it is cold, snowing, or even raining to show off this sensational style? Read on to know how to style different puffer coats.

Black puffer jacket 

A black puffer coat design is a good option for your collection. Although bold shades are fun to wear, the black design is more sophisticated and sleek. The best thing about this black puffer jacket is that you can wear it with anything and everything. So you can wear them with a knitted dress and mom jeans. To those who love to look fashion-forward, you can wear it with a pencil skirt and heeled boots. Plus, if you want an on-trend style, add a bold red or yellow sweater and layer with the black puffer coat. Instead of choosing a monochromatic palette, you can carry this excellent look, which also appears chic.

Maxi Puffer 

If you want to rock the puffer coat in the upcoming winter season, these padded coats are the best you can opt for outerwear. Choose a maxi puffer as it is a fashion-forward aesthetic, and it provides insulation. So, opt for one that finishes around your shins if you want to nail the look. Plus, you can go for the one that has a bold print or color. After all, no one will go understated in one of these maxi puffer coats. Alternatively, if you need a simple look, partner your maxi puffer with a dress and heels. Additionally, you can style with a band t-shirt and leather pants if you are aiming for an edgier appearance. Here, the rock and roll pieces will come in handy.

Pop color puffer coat 

If your style is less fundamental and bold, it is best to choose a pop color puffer jacket for this season. Go for your favorite hue, whether it is yellow, pink, orange, bright blue, or red. So once you get the best puffer for you, you need to know how to pair it correctly with the right items. Note that this coat is always the feature of your outfit and keeps everything else subdued to maintain a balanced aesthetic. Create a chic look with this puffer coat by choosing pieces in neutral shades and those of slim silhouettes if you do not know what to wear. You can style it with skinny black jeans, a black fitted t-shirt, and black boots. As a result, you get a fabulous outfit that has stylish outwear.

Muted color puffer jacket 

To the minimalist fashionista, a mute color puffer jacket is a great choice. The colors can be an earthy khaki, a subtle shade of cream, or a navy tone. All these colors can serve as chic and stylish options. Plus, they are a more exciting option than the black color. Also, they are more reserved in comparison to the pop hue. Add this to your puffer coat collections as they are comfortable to wear, and you will look lovely at the same time. Wear them when you need to dress in casual outfits, and they also blend perfectly with blue denim. So try one for yourself with a stylish wrap design denim skirt. To complete your ensemble, wear sneakers or lace-up boots and a printed T-shirt.

Vintage puffer coat 

Among the many countless versions of puffer coats, try the vintage puffer coat style. This one will provide your closet with a unique vibe as most of them project an athleisure aesthetic. This jacket is ideal for ladies who love a retro look as they create an eye-catching and unique outfit. Choose the perfect one for you by searching between different prints, fabrics, colors, and designs. Among other patterns, floral styles and leopards help create a chic retro look like throwback fabrics like velvets.