How to Style Indian Attires During the Cold Season

When the cold season is in it is time to get out the fuzzy mitts, trendy hats, and new boots out of the closet to the streets. Everyone loves the cold season and many fashionistas embrace it with full gusto. As you organize all the beautiful summer dresses in your wardrobe. Get ready to jazz up with any ethnic attires for work, casual outings and also to the many flamboyant weddings that happen during the winter. As you sip on steamy coffee respect the weather by looking the part, whether in the trendy jackets, scarfs and do the layering correctly. After all, everyone loves the sheer enjoyment to dress up in anything during cold months for most times it is covered up. Below are ways on how to style Indian outfits during the cold season.

Floor-length embellished jacket

Shopping for attires for the cold season before it sets in is very important. There are many varieties of attires to choose from as you buy online ethnic wear in India. Ensure you get at least two pieces of the floor-length embellished jacket to team up with your sarees and Lehenga cholis when invited to functions. Not only will the jacket keep you warm and comfortable, but it will make your attire get the right appeal among the crowd. The reason the jacket needs to have embellishments is that it is the cover-up and you are using it as your statement piece. This also allows you to dare to wear a minimalistic outfit knowing the jacket will cover it up. Choose brocade or velvet fabrics for the jacket and you can add a fleece padding if you like for extra warmth.

Warm Leggings

To beat the cold, you do not have to layer a lot of clothes from top to bottom. A minimalist option like a pair of warm leggings works all the time and your legs will thank you. Although the leggings are for warmth purposes dress them in a way that they are visible. Choose a contrasting color to your saree and drape in a way that they give you a fusion look. It will make you look on point and at the same time, you will retain your style quotient. Lehenga and Anarkali outfits can require the boost of warmth with a pair of leggings in the cold season. However, consider the length especially for the Lehenga so as the leggings remain inside. Similarly, choose a pair of knitted leggings other than the usual churidar for the Anarkali. You can contrast the two and not necessarily match them as long as your legs are super snug. 

Thick belt

Transform a Lehenga or saree with a thick belt as a styling option for the cold season. This is achieved by using your heavy dupatta to drape accordingly in an unconventional way for that spectacular look. The thick belt is used as an accessory as well as to accentuate your waistline not forgetting keeping your midriff warm. Choose a belt that matches your dupatta or your attire so that it does not seem out of place. A thick belt also shows off your envious body shape for it acts as a mini corset and makes your Indian attire get a fusion appearance with a Roman style up. Alternatively, you can opt for the thin belts if the thick ones are too much for you but you can easily get it wrong with the heavy fabrics with this one. Plus, it will not meet the objective to stay warm.


Other than wearing the blouse choose a fitting sweater in a solid color that you can tuck in the saree petticoat. A cropped sweater works well too with a Lehenga and use a heavy dupatta to drape appropriately in a way that a little part of your midriff is exposed. Using a snug sweater to pair dhoti pants and Patiala suits to drive away the cold.Helps look amazingand is a good styling option and the contrasting colors are a plus. Adorn some leggings beneath the Patiala and dhoti pants to keep your legs extra warm. Polo sweaters accessorized with chunky jewelry in dark colors can pair a Lehenga and saree in place of the blouse. As you style with a sweater during the cold season you can achieve a casual or classic look as long as it is stylish.

Dupatta as a scarf

Today, it is easy to style the saree during the cold season due to the many styling options available. The saree itself as a versatile attire if you pair it right during the cold season you can get a gorgeous ensemble. Therefore, stop racking your brain trying to get the perfect shawl and scarfs for your outfits when you can use your dupatta as a scarf. This alternative to keep your neck warm is stylish and ideal for many outfits. Drape the scarf around your neck as you drape your saree or just wear it as a scarf with other ethnic pieces. Choose one of thick silk or velvet fabric according to how it suits your outfit perfectly. While using a dupatta as a scarf you can add a jacket to finish your look and avoid big earrings.

A pair of boots

Boots are a daring styling option when paired with various ethnic outfits as much as they keep the feet warm and tucked in. However, the risky fashionista that is bored with the norm of pairing boots with jeans will try it on. A pair of ankle boots with an Anarkali or a Lehenga is not for the faint-hearted. This blend pumps up the style quotient to a top-notch level. The hack to pull off with a pair of boots for the cold season is to ensure you omit the dupatta. Adorn in a full sleeve Anarkali in heavy fabric, with leggings and boots. While for the Lehenga a fitting cardigan with warm leggings beneath and the boots you get total fashion bliss.