How to Style With Neutrals

Having color incorporated into your wardrobe is always fun, but not everyone wants that, or at least not all the time. Majority of people prefer solid colors, and wearing neutral colorsf is always fashionable. This color palette includes whites, greys, and browns. These are essential colors for any wardrobe because they can be mixed and matched, coordinating with anything and everything.

When wearing neutrals, you don’t have to stick with just clothes, you can expand your wardrobe and wear some neutral accessories. Thinking of new style and ideas can be tough, so here are some ideas of how to incorporate more neutral accessories into your wardrobe.


   White: This is a classic color, but doesn’t always get the love it deserves. Thanks to old fashion rules, some people are hesitant to wear white. It was said that wearing white (particularly pants) wasn’t acceptable after Labor Day, which is always the first weekend in September. This clearly isn’t the case, as you can wear white, or different tones of white throughout the whole year.

If you’re too worried about wearing white clothing, then you can always add some white accessories to your outfit. White is a great color to accessorize with because it always pops and draws your attention, no matter how small the item. Some easy white pieces you can add to your outfit are earrings, scarves, hair accessories, or even a white belt.

Incorporating a different tone of white can also change up your look. Some people prefer a darker white, or a cream color, because it’s not as harsh as just regular white.

   Browns: Brown is a great color because there is such a wide range of brown shades available. You can have anything from a dark brown, almost chocolate color, to a light beige or khaki color. Having such a range is great because depending on the other colors you’re wearing you can even wear several different shades of brown in the same outfit.

One of the easiest brown accessories to incorporate into your outfit is a shoe. They can either be leather or a synthetic material. Style doesn’t matter either, as you can get any and all shoes in brown, anything from heels to the khaki slides. Being able to incorporate so many leather accessories also adds a lot to your outfits.

You can wear browns in most accessories, mainly because any leather accessory is a shade of brown. This makes wearing brown belts, bags, or shoes easy. If you don’t want authentic leather, you can simply switch to a different material. Although this makes finding brown items slightly more difficult, it can still be done. You can normally find high quality faux materials instead.

   Grey: Similar to browns, there are a ton of grey tones you can have in your wardrobe. Since grey is such an easy color to wear, people usually wear grey tops, but you can still find grey accessories too!

Typically these accessories aren’t completely grey, but rather the grey is usually added as an accent color. This adds dimension into the piece and helps match it with other pieces. The most popular grey accessories are warm winter clothes, such as hats, gloves and scarves. Grey shoes are also very common and pair well with navy or black pants nicely. Silver is also a popular shade of grey and is used on purses and largely in jewelry.