How to Travel Like a Pro: Expert Tips

In a previous article, we talked about how you can nail the jet-setting style. Travelling in style is the best way to go, but looking fashionable when exploring the world is only half the challenge. You also want to travel like a pro; by that I mean being in control every step of the way. By knowing how to travel like a seasoned traveller, the entire trip will be more enjoyable.

Travelling like a pro isn’t as difficult as it seems. You don’t have to clock hours in the air and visit countless cities to earn the wisdom. In fact, you can now learn from seasoned travellers and the way they travel from destination to destination. Knowing how to deal with emergencies is also a plus; when it comes to flight cancellation, for example, if you need compensation then you can find information on Flightright. They offer breakdowns on what to do and focus on a handful of well-known brands such as Flybe and Easyjet.

So, how do you travel like a pro? These next several expert tips and tricks will help you enjoy your trips more and stay in control throughout the journey.

Pack Smart

Packing is a big part of travelling. With most trips, you want to travel light, even when you need to stay stylish. The tips in our previous article will help you get started, but there are a few additional things you can do.

Wear a comfortable outfit for the flight. Staying comfortable on long flights doesn’t need to be a challenge when you know what to wear. A comfortable pair of shoes that you can use for long walks is also a must.

The rest of your clothing can go in your luggage. Prioritize items that you can use to create different looks. Some fashion pieces are easy to pair with other pieces and accessories, so you don’t really need to pack as many outfits to stay stylish.

Get the Gear

The right travel gear goes a long way. When you have durable luggage with enough room for your items, you don’t have to carry multiple bags through airport security; imagine how great that would be!

Other travel gear can be just as valuable. A travel bag organizer makes packing clothes and shoes easier. A small bag for your chargers or accessories will keep things organized and easy to find. Even a travel sewing kit can be useful.

Other gears aren’t necessarily made for travelling specifically, but they still make travelling more enjoyable. I personally love chargers that can handle multiple devices. It makes charging my phone, my iPad, and my camera a lot more convenient.

Plan for the Worst

As mentioned earlier, things can still go wrong, even when you plan for everything. You may find yourself stranded at the airport because your flight gets delayed or cancelled. Your Airbnb host may suddenly change his or her mind about renting you a room.

What to do then? There is a lot you can do in the worst situation. For starters, your phone is filled with travel apps that will help you get out of these tough situations. More importantly, you can always use Google to find information.

You also need to have contingencies in place; most avid travellers do this as a habit. Knowing that there are alternative flights available should British Airways suddenly delay yours will make the situation easier to deal with. At the very least, you’ll have no reason to panic.

Pre-Do Everything

There are a lot of things you can do before the actual trip these days. Some airports let you go through security faster. Fast Track at Heathrow is always great, since it can save you a lot of time. Giving yourself enough time at every turn is a must too.

Booking your rental car, securing tickets to shows and activities, and arranging tours beforehand is also highly recommended. Nailing more things before the trip is a great way to simplify the journey. All you need to do during the trip is sit back and relax.

Another thing you can do before the trip is arrange your outfit. Do this while packing so you already have different outfits and looks in mind. You will then have your fashion decisions out of the way, even before the actual trip.

Pay Attention to Detail

Details matter, especially if you want to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Departing early and arriving at the airport with time to spare, for example, is the result of knowing how much time you really need to clear security.

Driving to the airport instead of relying on ride sharing is another example. You can book airport parking and enjoy the extra convenience. The rest of the trip will be highly enjoyable when it starts on a positive note.

There are other tips and tricks you can use to make travelling more convenient and enjoyable, but we are going to save them for another article. In the meantime, use the ones we discussed in this article to fine-tune the way you travel like a true jet-setter.