In Celebration of Rita Marley and International Women’s Day.

Rita Marley, Rachel Samuel, Bob Marley
Photo Credit: Rachel Samuel,

International Women’s Day is a global celebration of women, past and present in arenas such as economics, politics and social achievements. In celebration of her past achievements and charitable work she continues to dedicate herself to– let’s ‘big up’ Rita Marley for the amazing woman she is.

Some Things You Should Know About Rita

1. Most know Rita as the widow of legendary reggae singer Bob Marley

2. She was part of the backup troupe, Bob Marley and The Wailers.

3. Rita is of Cuban-Jamaican descent.

4. Rita has six children, three of which are from her relationship with Bob Marley.

5. She is a member of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church.

6. She’s involved in various charitable organizations all of which focus on people from Africa and of the African Diaspora.