Innovative Ways For Novice Marketers To Use Instagram

Instagram works for every business provided you know how to proceed and change your marketing strategies according to the change in trends. Even novice marketers can make it work for them by using the platform in a sensible way. To utilize the Instagram platform efficiently, you can always get started keeping the following points in mind.

1. Build Your Customized Hashtag

Instagram is a lot about hashtags and that’s an awesome way for users to search your brand. Besides, photos with hashtags in the descriptions get more overall likes. Create an innovative hashtag that also describes the purpose of your business and is interesting for people to see. Encourage your existing followers to use it while posting their pictures. For encouraging more participation, you can organize contests or give prizes too. All these help a great deal in the brand’s growth and what’s more – these features are free.

2. Share What Happens Behind-The-Scenes

Behind the scene is a real thing happening and users can have some fun looking at this type of content. For example, you can show glimpses of an event that you organized for your employees and how they enjoyed preparing for it, or how they enjoyed participating in it and so on. You can also share some of the candid moments from your daily life. People can instantly connect to these small yet powerful bits of real life. These are powerful because they have an emotional element attached which brings all the characters to life and lets users know that your business has ordinary people who have a similar life as others, but are doing something different too. It can be a motivational video about some employee or the journey of your business so far. For related reading; consider 25 Best Instagram Growth Services (2020) | TokUpgrade.

3. Offer An Instagram Customized Product

Users love Instagram, so create more opportunities for them to love Instagram by associating your product with Instagram. For example, if you specialize in products like wall décor items, or stickers, photo books, mugs etc., embed Instagram’s presence into it. This is just one option, there are many more creative ideas that you can implement to kick-start your Instagram following. You just have to think a little bit differently. This will not only make them excited about the product, but also give you the necessary publicity.

4. Food, food, food

Yes, food is something that everyone can associate with and if you are a food brand, then you already have an advantage. Using your content correctly you can get real Instagram views and likes in no time. Post drooling content of the food that you prepare and serve, remember pictures attract more than words. Seeing the mouth-watering pictures, anyone would stop for a minute and relish the photo before proceeding to next feed. A close up shot of achoco-lava cake with chocolate dripping out or a short video of how the chef is making a yummy fish curry is tempting enough for the user to keep craving for more.

5. Outdoors Give You The Edge

If your restaurant has outdoors, showcase that. People love outdoors and open spaces. Take pictures of your location, the breathtaking views from there and use it to promote your restaurant, shop or any business that you have. Hire a photographer to take beautiful shots from different angles.

6. Think About Different And Rare Perspectives

Taking great pictures is not about taking a shot as it is. You need to have a different approach and see things from a different perspective. Something that may seem ordinary from front may look really extraordinary when seen from a different angle. This does not necessarily require you to be a professional photographer, all you need is some innovative and unconventional thinking. Taking shots from top view can show a wider area than taking a side view. Before taking any shot, think about multiple options, try out all the alternatives and then choose the final one.

Keep these strategies in mind and don’t just keep thinking that you cannot make your Instagram page work because you’ve just started out and others are already ahead of you. Just be willing to put in some effort and everything will fall into place.