Jay Z Reportedly Donated ‘Thousands’ to Cover Protestor’s Bail in Ferguson and Baltimore.

Jay Z Beyonce Met Gala 2015
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“What have Jay Z and Beyoncé done for me lately?” seems to be an ongoing conversation in the wake of black women and men suffering and dying at the hands of the police. Many fans feel that the duo aren’t speaking out enough.

In a series of (now deleted) tweets, writer, filmmaker and activist dream hampton revealed that she had reached out to Jay Z for help. Complex grabbed the Tweets before they were deleted and explained the situation like this:

The Decoded contributor also spoke openly about Jay Z’s numerous private contributions to the resistance, indirectly confronting the constant flurry of detractors who repeatedly hurl claims of hypocrisy at Jay and Beyoncé surrounding their perceived silence on the issues surrounding Ferguson, Baltimore, and protests in general. In short, the Carters have — according to dream hampton — privately donated large amounts of money to ease the burden of posting bail for protestors, as well as other equally impactful donations that are simply “too much to list.”

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