Jill Scott Withdraws Support of Bill Cosby After New Details About Rape Allegations Are Revealed.

Jill Scott Cosby

Back in December, songstress Jill Scott caused quite a stir online when she took to her Twitter account to defend Bill Cosby, stating that “there’s no proof” that the philanthropist and former sitcom star had assaulted any of his dozens of accusers.

Many fans expressed their disappointment, but Jilly from Philly wouldn’t back down. Months later, following new information, it looks like Jill Scott has changed her mind.

Details from a 2005 court deposition reveal that Bill Cosby admitted to giving Quaaludes to women he “wanted to have sex with.”

According to several reports, Cosby’s legal team was trying to block the release of this deposition in order to save the former TV dad from “embarrassment.”

Scott took to Twitter, yet again, to address to Cosby allegations, this time she expressed her feelings of disgust and disappointment.

Cosby, who originally sent Scott a public thank you message on Twitter after she defended him back in December, has not yet released a statement or comment about the 2005 deposition.