Just Because August Alsina’s Fan Seems to be OK With Some Onstage Groping Doesn’t Mean That We Have to Be OK With it Too.

August Alsina

In case you missed it, social media has been on fire over the past few days after footage emerged of R&B star and rapper August Alsina getting way too handsy with a fan. The incident occurred after Alsina brought her on stage during a performance in Baton Rogue, Louisiana on September 25th.

The short video is pretty uncomfortable to watch as we see his hand slide down over her breasts. The fan appears somewhat uncomfortable as she moves her arm up to prevent any further touching.

Despite outrage from fans, Alsina is unapologetic about the incident. He even fired off a set of defiant and dismissive tweets.

Alsina also shared a screenshot of a post from the female fan’s Instagram page where she appeared to be celebrating her time onstage with him.

The page has since been set to private and we haven’t heard anything else from Alsina or the unnamed fan. But that’s not where this story should end. While I have no idea how the young woman feels, and I hope that everyone leaves her alone, it’s important to acknowledge that what happened to her is 100% NOT OK.

This situation has sparked some pretty interesting conversations in many online spaces. Some are even claiming that the outrage is the result of a “double standard,” considering all the footage out there of stars like Janet Jackson and Jennifer Lopez treating male fans to steamy lapdances. But those men went on stage expecting to experience a bit of bumping and grinding courtesy of Miss Jackson and Miss Lopez. From the looks of that video, that young woman didn’t expect to have her favorite singer’s hand on her breast.