Juvederm Effects

The Juvederm preparation is currently the most recent one and is directly related to the luxury goods. It is made on the basis of hyaluronic acid and 100% complies with a set of safety requirements. This is not just one filler, but a whole line of products (see the catalog). All of them are used to improve facial contours and restore the volume of the lips.

Advantages of the Formulation

The key advantage of using this filler is that it is possible to obtain instant results. There is no recovery period, or it lasts for a very short period of time. The product is very plastic and is distributed in tissue structures as evenly as possible. It is made following the 3D-Matrix technology, so the result is prolonged.

After any of the products of the line is injected under the skin, the treatment area does not suffer from visible changes. On the contrary, it has a quite natural appearance. The anaesthetic agent in its formulation increases the patient’s comfort level. After the injection, there may be edema, but it is only slight. The period during which the medication is effective is 18 months.

Indications for Use

The product is commonly used in the following clinical situations:

    ●   wrinkled folds of the horizontal type on the forehead ;
    ●   vertical interbrow imperfections;
    ●   problems in the area of the lips and the nose;
    ●   irregularities around the mouth and above the lips;
    ●   the need for lip shape correction.

Effect of the Treatment

When Juvederm is used in a rational way, the folds between the eyebrows, around the lips and the nose are reduced. The volume of the lips becomes the most appropriate and their contour is corrected. The lacking volume in the cheekbones may be obtained without any problems or difficulties. The nasolacrimal groove undergoes a significant correction as well as the entire facial contours. To make sure of the effect of Juvederm here are photos from the category “before” and “after”.

Contraindications and Restrictions

The product is not used in case of chronic diseases in the acute stage. It is forbidden to administer it in the case of blood clotting disorders and while taking certain medications. Injection should not be given if there are inflammations in the intended area of administration. The time of pregnancy and lactation is also a restriction on the use of the product.

How the Procedure Proceeds

Before undertaking these injections, a dermatologist or cosmetologist examines the patient’s skin and collects detailed information concerning the patient’s state of health. They ask about previous procedures, chronic diseases and possible allergic reactions. A good specialist should also find out what exactly the patient is expecting.

If there is evidence that the fillers may be used, the physician will decide on a suitable preparation. Before injecting it, he or she cleanses the skin with special lotions and treats it with antiseptics. If the patient chooses to do so, local anesthesia is possible. The selected product is then injected into the area of correction. Disposable needles are used for this purpose.

As all this can result, the skin may turn red and there is a possibility of small bruises and edema. The denser the consistency of the composition is, the deeper the injection is given. The effect is maintained for an average of 8-10 months and 18 months in the case of volumetric modeling. After the operation it is recommended not to visit the places having high humidity and be exposed to direct sunlight during a week.