Latest Hollywood Diversity Report Reveals Shows and Films With Diverse Casts Earn Higher Ratings.

Cast of ABC's Scandal

The second annual Hollywood Diversity Report, released by UCLA’s Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies reveals that Hollywood is slow to change, in more ways than one.

The previous report revealed that shows and films with diverse casts usually fared better ratings-wise. The second report, citing shows like Scandal reveals that this trend continues as the demographics of America keep changing.

According to the report,

Films with relatively diverse casts enjoyed the highest median global office receipts and the highest median return on investment.

Film Diversity Report
(From the 2015 Hollywood Diversity Report)

The report, which also included extensive stats on what goes on behind the scenes, revealed that shows and films with a diverse writing staff also garnered higher marks.

But despite this knowledge, the voices, faces, and input, from people of color are still largely missing. The vast majority of film executives are still white and male, as of the 2012-2013 season, studio heads are 100% male, and 92% white.

Additionally, reality television, most likely because it is cheaper to produce, seems to be the only area where people of color, particularly black peole, are consistently represented — at times even over represented.

Read the entire report here.