Latest Wedding Jewelry Trends That You Need To Keep an Eye On

Finding the right combination of wedding jewelry can be a tough job. You have to search for the right color that will be appropriate for the dress that you will be wearing, the design has to go well with the theme of the wedding, and there so many other factors that you need to consider. Fortunately, with the option to choose wedding jewelry online, you can now go through a wide range of designs from your mobile or computer and then select the one that you prefer for the wedding day. But are you aware of the latest wedding jewelry trends right now? If you are not, then this guide will help you choose from the newest designs to ensure that you look like a queen on your wedding day.

Geometric Cuts
Sleek, clean, and light- these are what best describes the geometric jewelry. Remember that the wedding dress will be pretty heavy. So, you should be looking to wear something that is both stylish and lightweight and the geometric gems design is the perfect combination of that. With minimalistic designs gaining a lot of prominence in the last few years, this style will surely come as a new attraction and everyone will get to see something new that they might not have seen any bride wearing on their wedding. There are lots of designs and colors of earrings to choose from. So, choose according to the color of the dress that you will be wearing.

Rose Gold Rings
The traditional gold or silver rings have become quite clichéd and it is high time you start wearing something of a different color. If your partner has not yet bought the wedding ring, then discuss it with him that rose gold rings are trending these days. The color is absolutely beautiful and you will look so gorgeous when you wear the ring. Rose gold rings have that vintage feel to it that normal gold rings don’t. Also, these rings have that innate ability to compliment every skin tone. So, unless your partner wants to surprise you with a platinum ring, it will be best if you can figure out a way to get a rose gold ring for the wedding.

Pearls With A Twist

Pearls look so classy when you wear them, right? The white beads sitting perfectly on your neck are one elegant way to attract the attention towards yourself. So, if pearls have that power to make heads turn, why not use them on your wedding day? You can buy a complete set of wedding jewelry where you get a ring with a huge pearl on top surrounded by several diamonds, there is the twisted earring with different sized pearls attached, and you also get a wristlet that is also overloaded with pearls on it. The modern designs that are available these days are on the trending list. This is one of the traditional wedding jewelry that has reinvented itself because of the newer designs.

Layered Jewelry
This is one of the most popular trends that most brides are opting for. It is neither too heavy not too light like the minimalist jewelry designs. The best part about this trend is that it can go well with almost every type of dress that you select for the wedding. It does not look too dramatic or makes your hands and neck look too empty. So, if you are planning to choose a necklace from this type of jewelry design, you will find the ones that have a stack of 3 or 4 necklaces combined into one. The benefit of this composite structure is that you don’t have to wear 4 necklaces separately of separate designs. Similarly, you can choose from the wide range of wristlets or bangles or even get layered earrings that look superb with intricate designs on each layer.

Starry Delights
Your wedding day is like a dream that you have always seen from childhood. You have had so many plans for this day and it is all coming true. So, why not bring the stars and moons together on this day and celebrate the special bonding that you have with your partner! That is exactly the feeling you will get when you buy celestial-inspired jewelry. To be honest, this design is the best of the lot. You may argue on this but the way the stars and moons are designed on your earrings, wedding ring, and the necklace is just outstanding.

What’s more interesting is that the stars and moons have diamonds studded on them. This adds to the beauty of the design. There is no doubt that this design is amongst the top 5 on the list because it deserves to.

Trendy Turquoise Jewelry
If there is one color that has made a significant difference in the field of wedding jewelry, then it is turquoise. Whichever design you choose, if it has a turquoise stone on it, it takes the jewelry to a whole new level. You may have thought about sapphires when you first read about turquoise but they are not the same. Turquoise is more like the color of the ocean that you see from the beach. It has that sky blue tinge with a hint of green in it, and the best stones that you can pair it with are crispy whites. If your wedding dress is white, then a set of turquoise jewelry will shine on you like a crazy diamond. Plus, these are not as expensive as the ones that have been discussed above. Most people think that they will have to burn a hole in their pocket to get a collection of wedding jewelry but the ones that have turquoise-colored stones are not that expensive at all.

Buying jewelry from for your wedding can be fun. You can go through so many designs and styles. But if you really want to make a difference on your wedding day, make sure you try some of the designs that are mentioned above; not because they are the latest trending jewelry, but because they genuinely look good on brides.