Learn the Meaning Behind the ‘Squid Game’ Symbols on Your Mask

The Korean drama Squid Game, available on Netflix, is about people with terrible financial problems who enter children’s games in the hopes of winning a massive cash reward. The only catch is that being “eliminated” (killed) means losing a round. Workers in this competition all wear squid game masks, while participants wear none. Because of this, the staff seems more like a unified one than a collection of the good-quality mask from dhgate china. They wear clothes that cover every inch of their bodies, including their faces, making it impossible to identify them as human.

Exactly why do the Squid Game Characters Always Wear Masks?

The Squid Game is a competition hosted by an exclusive group of folks on a private island. The competitors in Squid Round are made to engage in seemingly harmless children’s activities, but the rules have been altered such that the losers of each game are instantly removed. They don’t want the outside world to know who’s behind Squid Game, and they don’t want the competitors to know either, in case one of them wins, escapes, or gets into a position where they can tell the outside world about the game.

Masks for Workers

Although a select few elites are in charge of Squid Game, a big workforce is required to ensure that the games go off without a hitch. There are triangles, squares, and circles on the masks of the workers. There is the little physical distinction between them, but otherwise, they all wear identical outfits. The employees are instructed to always remain in character, and the Front Man states, “once they know who you are, it’s all over.”

Man in the Front Mask

When compared to the masses of laborers that follow his orders, the Front Man’s mask stands out as particularly unique. It’s as if the Front Man has been in charge for most of this season. Even though he has control over the staff and the contenders, it is evident that he is putting on a show for the VIPs. However, behind the scenes, the Front Man is also accountable to the enigmatic “host,” whose actual identity will not be revealed until the series finale.

Honored Personae Costumes

The VIP masks’ animal motifs may or may not have hidden symbolic significance. As the deer is a religious symbol, the person with the deer mask may represent a spiritual leader. Someone with a tiger mask may be a politician since tigers are symbols of strength and power. Since the bull is a sign of prosperity, he may work in the banking or financial industries. Since the Korean people are said to be descended from a bear-woman, the person with the bear mask may have royal or another influential ancestry.

The VIPs, like the laborers and the Front Man, hide their “true” identities. A VIP’s identity cannot be concealed by a mask, unlike the laborers. Instead, the masks serve to differentiate the VIPs from one another. Even if we can’t see their “true” faces or know all of their actual names, the VIPs and the Front Man still have separate identities while they’re disguised.