Listen to This. Äyanna. “Girlfriend.”

Enjoy the latest single from emerging artist Äyanna. The singer/songwriter has already drawn praise from her Love Renaissance labelmate Summer Walker. She’s also shown love to SZA.

Äyanna stars in a whimsical, early 2k’s inspired music video for “Girlfriend,” directed by Priya Minhas. The visuals for “Girlfriend” draw inspiration from rom-coms and sitcoms of the referenced era. “Girlfriend” is set in Äyanna’s hometown of London, though she spent much of her childhood between the U.K. and Jamaica.

“I wrote ‘Girlfriend’ with Gale when I had a big crush on someone. It was the first time I’d felt such strong feelings and the day I wrote the song I was just feeling so overwhelmed and giddy. I said to Gale ‘let’s do something really fun and flirtatious’. The song starts with ‘if I wait any longer, you might make me spill over’ because at the time I really was wondering why he hadn’t asked me to be his girlfriend yet. I just love how to the point the song is, while still being so playful and fun,” says Äyanna.

Äyanna makes a charming outing, showcasing her whimsical brand of pop-infused R&B.