Listen to This. Lynette Williams. ‘Love Thee, Not Chaos.’ EP.

Lynette Williams

Harlem-based singer-songwriter Lynette Williams provides the perfect escape for a rather weary Wednesday.

Lynette Williams debuts her 2nd EP Love Thee, Not Chaos. All songs were written, produced, and recorded by Lynette in her living room. This project is an homage and love story between technology and art. There is no autotune and every instrument on each track was played, sung, and recorded by her. The EP cover is a photo from Instagram that she took of herself with no photoshop. So there are imperfections amidst this project – it is not polished like her last EP. This one is stripped down, bare, and raw – a complete labor of love.

Shakespeare wrote in Othello, “Perdition catch my soul but I do love thee and when I love thee not, chaos is come again”. Inspired by the past three years, Love Thee, Not Chaos is comprised of Lynette’s experiences in love, heartache, and in saying good bye. Lynette also sings about her definition of savage – those who hide behind the guise of religion in order to do horrible acts of cruelty to one another. There is a chaos in the world one that enables genocides, racism, and police brutality and there is a disconnect between our inherent humanity and our innate connectedness to one another.