L’Oréal Paris Plagiarizes Brazilian Artist Angelica Dass’ ‘Humanæ’ For Latest Campaign.

Another day another instance of creative plagiarism, it seems. This time around the culprit is L’Oréal Paris. When the brand unveiled its #yourstruly campaign, which was created to celebrate diversity and offer makeup options to women of all colors, Brazilian artist Angelica Dass realized the campaign looked a bit familiar. The series of ads was clearly inspired by her ongoing “Humanæ” series.

Dass posted side by side images along with a short message pointing out that the L’Oréal campaign obscures the message and mission behind her original work.

Over the past few of years, images from “Humanæ” have gone viral on multiple social media platforms. Dass has also spoken out about her work in detail on many occasions, such as this TED talk.

Supporters of Dass have been calling out both L’Oréal Paris and McCann London, the creative agency behind the #yourstruly campaign, and Dass continues to share their messages on her Twitter page.