Marijuana Entrepreneur and Advocate Charlo Greene Announces the Launch of the The Minority Cannabis Business Association.

Charlo Greene

It’s 4/20. Amid the jokes and memes, a lot of advocates and activists are also taking the time out to remind the public to get serious about legalization. Activists like Charlo Greene are also bringing attention to the issue of racial inequality in the legal marijuana industry.

You might remember marijuana entrepreneur and legalization advocate Charlo Greene from her epic on-air walk-off from her job as a reporter in Alaska. Greene, a former reporter Alaska’s KTVA network, exclaimed “Fuck it, I quit” in the middle of giving a report about legalization in the state.

Since leaving her job and becoming a full-time legalization advocate and entrepreneur, Greene, has always been outspoken about the issue of race in the weed business.

Earlier today, she announced the launch of the Minority Cannabis Business Association (MCBA). The organization is committed to education, advocacy and social justice.

MCBA is committed to economic equality and excellence within the cannabis industry. We provide access to quality industry training and networking opportunities that help to reduce the diversity divide within the cannabis industry. We assist minorities, and all interested in furthering this cause, by helping to find jobs and sustainable business opportunities in this fast-paced and exciting industry.