Master the 5 Best Tips to Identify a Genuine Leather Belt for Men

How can we judge the quality of leather belts for men?

Have you ever wondered whether your leather belt for men was genuine or not? Sometimes it can be plastic or synthetic leather. To identify real leather, here are some tricks you can easily master.

    1. If the Product Does Not Mention “Real Leather”, Then It Should Ring the Wake-Up Call.

If the label indicates “manmade material”, it definitely means that it is synthetic leather, so you can be sure that the product is not a real leather belt for men. However, it does happen that sometimes, old or vintage stuff may have lost their original tag. In that case, you should always remember that if it corresponded to genuine leather, the retailer would have added some other new tag to precise it, such as:

   –   Real leather
   –   Genuine leather
   –   Top grain leather
   –   Full grain leather

Famous brands like Duret Paris guarantee genuine leather for their items, go check the website to read more about true skins.

    2. Drop It Like It’s Real

Pour a little drop of water on the jacket or on your leather belt for men: if it is genuine leather, the animal skin will absorb it thanks to the pores which will make it disappear instantly; on the contrary, if the leather is fake, the drop will look like a little puddle over the fake skin. That’s the power of some natural asset of a genuine leather skin!

    3. Put Your Nose on The Item

There is no better way to identify real leather but with your senses: if you have tried the last 2 pieces of advice, then you have used your eyes; now you should try an other sense of yours, which is your nose. In fact, genuine leather has a smell (some even say that it smells like must) whereas fake leather smell like plastic. Take a good old leather belt for men for instance, smell it and then smell the item that you are willing to purchase: if it smells the same, do not hesitate to buy it, for it is genuine!

    4. Check the Wrinkles

The skin of an animal grows old just like the skin of a human: with the time, it gets wrinkles. So, if you notice wrinkles on your leather belt for men, then you can easily get to the conclusion that the skin is pure. If, when pressing or pinching the item, the surface remains the same, well in that case, unfortunately, it looks like you have a faux leather.

    5. Have A Look To The Edges

The edges of authentic leather belts for men are rough and uneven. The surface might also carry some cracks. On the contrary, the faux leather skin is smooth and regular.

You have now the power of glimpsing in a blink if your leather belt for men is a genuine one, or if the skin is fake!