Michelle Obama Gives Advice to 1,000 Schoolgirls in Harlem: ‘There Is No Boy Cute Enough or Interesting Enough to Stop You From Getting Your Education.’

Michelle Obama
(Getty Images)

In addition to advocating for healthy eating, Michelle Obama has also spoken out about the importance of ensuring that girls all over the world have access to an education.

On Tuesday, at an event hosted by Glamour magazine at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem, New York, the First Lady repeated a stark fact that’s she’s shared in the past through her Let Girls Learn initiative. Over 62 million girls worldwide are not receiving an education.

“For me, this is personal. When I think about those 62 million girls that aren’t in school, I think about myself. I think about my daughters,” she said, addressing a group of over 1,000 girls from local schools.

“If we want to end global poverty, if we want to improve the plight of our country, educating girls is the key to all of that. It just is.”

Obama also shared some important advice when it comes to seeking acceptance from your peers, especially when it comes to boys.

“There is no boy at this age that is cute enough or interesting enough to stop you from getting your education,” she said. “If I had worried about who liked me and who thought I was cute when I was your age, I wouldn’t be married to the president of the United States.”