Nailing the Jet-Setting Style

When it comes to traveling, there are three types of packers: the panic-packer, the seasoned jet-setter, and the kitchen-sinkers. At the end of the day, all three types get the job done but whether or not you’ve packed the right things to arrive at your destination looking glamorous, usually hinges on the finer details.

Nailing that jet-setting style mostly comes down to being able to minimize your belongings, predicting potential situations and having an eye for combining unusual items. Contrary to popular belief, it is not just those that hop off the likes of a JetApp private jet somewhere like Spain that can afford to make brave fashion choices going overseas. Retaining your elegant style is possible even if you’re arriving via boat to the Antarctic. Simply bear in mind the following, and you’ll be that person who gets it right every time, in no time.

Pay attention to specific designers

If there’s a common pattern to your trips and you find yourself often visiting sunny and hot places, for example, perhaps there’s a specific designer whose summer season you always enjoy. Also bearing in mind the extreme lack of diversity in the fashion scene, this is the perfect opportunity to discover emerging black designers. Tracy Reese comes to mind with her simple yet stylish ready-to-wear designs that would make the ideal companion for any journey. Known for her no fuss items and her love of linen, Reese’s spring collections often seem as though they’re specifically made for attending a swanky dinner directly after spending hours on a bus. Even Michelle Obama has donned a simple Reese dress in the past.

Splash out on your luggage

Your suitcase is one of the easiest places to start when going about sophisticated traveling. Many tend to ignore style when it comes to luggage, but your bag is the one thing you physically cannot go without. If you’re used to weekend getaways, maybe a quality leather duffel bag is up your street. Or perhaps you require something larger and more sturdy like a hard shell suitcase, in which case there are plenty of stylish options that don’t require sacrificing on style.

Shoes, shoes, shoes

Shoes are often one of the biggest difficulties to pack, not only because they can be bulky and heavy, but mostly because more often than not you return from your trip having not worn at least one pair of shoes you brought. Whether for business or leisure, the uncomfortable high heels are always a mistake. Stick to what you know and can walk in – you’ll be grateful if you land in a place with plenty of hills or cobbled streets.

The right combination

Part of being a sensible packer is the knowing what is ahead of you. Whether hiking, running between meetings, laying on the beach, or exploring a city, pack a few appropriate staples that you can pair with some of your favorite pieces. Denim is always a good idea: it can be dressed up or down, travels well, and is usually very comfortable. Knowing what items can be easily combined and worn in multiple ways is key here.