New Changes in How Credit Scores Are Calculated Might Offer Some Relief to Those With Medical Bills in Collections.

Medical Debt Relief

Back in August of this year, it was announced that FICO 9, the company responsible for the most widely used credit score in the United States, had implemented a new scoring model. Under the new model, medical bills that have gone into collections will not have the same impact on an individual’s credit score as non-medical bills. This new policy might offer some relief to the millions of Americans who have experienced a significant financial hit as a result of an illness or hospitalization.

A recent answer in an advice column in Forbes outlined how the new policy can be a huge benefit for individuals dealing with medical debt. The piece also pointed out that the new system will take time,

The catch is that it’ll take time for lenders to adopt the new model, and in some cases, they’ll also scrutinize your credit report. If you were rejected for a loan prior to FICO 9’s implementation, there’s a chance you’ll get a different result after—but know that, due to your history, it may still be hard to get approved for a mortgage or other loan.

Hopefully these new changes will be a huge benefit for young people dealing with debt.