New trend: K-Beauty Skincare Routine

While Korean skincare and beauty (K-Beauty) routines have always been popular in Korea, it is becoming more of a trend in other countries as well. In Korean culture, there is a lot of emphasis placed on natural beauty and preserving healthy-looking skin.

From a young age, many Korean children of both genders are taught to cleanse their skin daily, apply SPF every day, and moisturize as needed. Clear-looking, hydrated skin that has a dewy glow is preferred.

Other cultures, including the United States, heavy make-up routines are often used to enhance beauty. However, heavy make-up and lack of proper skincare can leave skin feeling oily or dry.

As the K-Beauty trend continues to grow, more people are becoming curious about how they can keep their skin as healthy-looking as possible. The good news is that following a K-Beauty skincare routine doesn’t have to be challenging.

Basic ways to get started

If you’re interested in getting clear-looking skin but aren’t ready to fully invest in a K-Beauty skincare routine, there are still basic practices you can incorporate into your routine to keep your skin looking healthy.

Make sure to remove makeup every night before going to sleep; this can help minimize clogged pores. Use cleansers and moisturizers every day. And, use an SPF product on your face before going outside to help minimize sun damage. All of these are very basic changes that make a huge difference.

Using minimal makeup

If you decide to fully embrace a K-Beauty skincare routine, the first step is to embrace your natural beauty. This doesn’t mean you have to stop make-up, but it does mean you should start using it as minimally as possible.

Stop thinking of make-up as a cover-up for flaws. Using a K-Beauty skincare routine is all about getting your skin to look as clear and dewy as possible. When you do use make-up, you won’t have to use thick layers to cover up flaws.

Difference in products

Most people focus on repairing their skin after the damage is done. So if they have oily skin, they seek out products that will help remove the oils and unclog their pores. With a K-Beauty skincare routine, the focus should be on keeping the skin healthy enough from the beginning by layering products.

This means using cleansers, scrubs, essences, serums, moisturizers, and sunscreen every day. To get an idea of what products you should be using, shop Korean cosmetics online. You can also look for local products.

Establishing a routine

With a K-Beauty skincare routine, it is all about using multiple layers to keep your skin looking as healthy as possible. Start by using a cleansing oil to get rid of make-up and sunscreen, followed by a water-based cleanse. From there, exfoliate your skin, followed by activating serum, essence, and serum. Use K-beauty eye cream and moisturize to rehydrate your skin. Finally, apply an SPF.

Some people may also want to use sheet masks at some point during their routine. Sheet masks can help with hydration, as well as locking in nutrients.

Changing routine by season

You will likely need to switch up your routine and what products you use each season. For example, your skin might be drier during the winter months because of lower humidity levels. If your skin is starting to look dry, you’ll need to find a more hydrating moisturizer.

During the summer months, you will likely be going outside more often. This means you will have to apply SPF more often. And if you’re sweating, you may have to use a water-based cleanser several times a day.

Keep skin type in mind

Your skin type will also determine what products to use. If your skin is naturally oily, you might need to use gel-based moisturizers instead of oil-based moisturizers.

You may also have to switch your products and routine depending on any skin conditions. For example, if you’re trying to get rid of acne, you may need to add additional products to help treat the condition. Some people naturally struggle with some skin conditions more often; if you’re one of them, find ways to incorporate products that help eliminate the problem.

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Final thoughts

Instead of focusing on repairing your skin after the damage is done, use a K-Beauty skincare routine to keep your skin looking clear and dewy at all times. Once your skin looks clear, you’ll find yourself needing to use less make-up, because you won’t feel the need to use make-up as a concealer. Learn to embrace your natural beauty!