Noiseless Hair Dryers: Are They Worth It?

Using a hair dryer has become an essential part of daily life. Going out on a cold day or heading to a meeting with wet hair, isn’t exactly doable. But what do you do when you want to take a shower at 6 am without waking your partner or roommate from the noise of a high dryer? That’s where noiseless hair dryers come to the rescue. But are they really worth it?


Obviously, the name itself indicates the main advantage of having a noiseless hair dryer. You don’t have to worry about what time you take a shower or disrupt someone’s sleep. But the best part of it may as well be that you yourself don’t have to get your ears blasted by that loud noise you have to suffer through every single time. Now, you can have dry looking hair, ready to face the world without having to worry about what will happen if you let your hair air-dry even in winter season.

Safe heat technology options

When choosing a hair dryer, there are many factors to consider. According to the professionals at A Quiet Refuge, there are hair dryers that aren’t just noise-free, but also reduces frizz and are gentle on the hair strands. This is because they are equipped with tourmaline technology, one of the recommended technologies for safe heat usage. So apart from drying your hair noise-free, you’ll also have shiny, smooth looking hair.


Just because they’re noise-free, it doesn’t mean they’re not powerful. A hair dryer that isn’t powerful enough will be quite useless as it doesn’t have the power to actually dry the hair. While there are various ranges in power, the average hair dryer typically ranges between 800-1800 watts. You can easily find many noise-free hair dryers with the power of 1600-1875 watts, making it not only super powerful but giving your hair the chance to dry in a very short time.


When holding a hair dryer, you don’t want your arm to fall off because of its weight. Noiseless hair dryers also come with lightweight options to prevent your muscles from straining while drying your hair. If you have long, thick hair, the time you’ll be using the hair dryer will increase, making it frustrating and difficult without a lightweight device. If a hair dryer isn’t lightweight, it doesn’t matter if it’s noiseless or not, because your arms won’t survive the workout.

Heat settings

Noise-free hair dryers can also come with different heat settings. This allows you to change the temperature according to your hair type and the way you want to style it. Having different heat settings will give you the option of creating different styles, from wavy to straight or just blow out and reduce the frizz. It also allows you to raise the temperature and get done with the entire process a whole lot faster. The higher the temperature, the faster your hair will dry.

Using a noiseless hair dryer can be very convenient without having to give up any of the other essential options needed in a good hair dryer. That added benefit, will not only make your mornings more peaceful, but will give you dry, smooth, and silky hair every time, giving you the confidence you need to start the day in style.