Pam Oliver Doesn’t Care If You Didn’t Like Her Hairstyle Last Week.

Pam Oliver Fox Sports Hair

Last week, while half of the internet was debating Richard Sherman’s level of thuggery (spoiler alert, his thug-level is 0), the other half was hard at work mocking the hair-do Fox Sports reporter Pam Oliver had worn that same night. Since the internet works fast, the memefication of Oliver’s caramel-colored ‘do spread like wildfire. Users of Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram were comparing the 52 year-old sportscaster to Chewbacca and invoking Beyonce lyrics to express how they felt about her style that evening. In an interview with Jenice Armstrong of, she simply stated:

“It’s just not even close. A guy can wear the same tie every other week and it’s not even an issue. But if a woman is on and a strand of hair is out of place or if there’s a little piece of something in your hair, people go crazy. It’s always been that way. It’s never going to change,” she said. “Men get away with a lot more than a woman can.”

Basically, Pam Oliver’s hair, don’t care. I wouldn’t either if I looked like that at 52.