Patti LaBelle Launches 2 New Desserts at Walmart, “Patti Cakes.”

Patti LaBelle Pies

If you couldn’t get enough of Patti’s Pies, odds are you’re going to love Patti’s Cakes.

When the legendary singer debuted her line of sweet potato pies at Walmart last fall, just in time for the start of the holiday season, little did she knew that her version of the African American staple dessert would be part of a social media frenzy. Patti Pies were surprisingly sold out after a rather animated review by singer and Patti LaBelle fan James Wright went viral.

“Bitch, I turned into Patti. You’ll turn into Patti after eating this,” Wright declared after bursting into song and taking another healthy bite of his Patti Pie. Wright’s review quickly went viral, amassing over 4.5 million views, and counting. The hashtag #Pattipies spread all over Twitter and Facebook as social media users shared their scoop on where to get the $3.98 pies. Other users expressed their disappointment when they discovered that the pies were sold out at their local Walmart. The frenzy decimated the Patti Pie supply to such an extent that the big box retailer couldn’t even keep them stocked for Thanksgiving. The pies, which were originally meant to be available for a limited time only, were restocked in December and Walmart announced that they would be available year-round.

Now Walmart is hoping that lightning will strike twice with the release of two new Patti LaBelle desserts — a vanilla pound cake which became available on January 4, and a caramel cake which will be available on January 18. The vanilla pound cake is described as being “dense and buttery and coated generously with vanilla icing,” while the caramel cake has “three layers of yellow cake filled with caramel buttercream and topped with caramel icing.”

I have a hit pie,” LaBelle told BuzzFeed News. “I have other products that will do better now — the cakes, and more food coming out — because of the success of the pies.”

No word on whether or not James Wright has tasted Patti’s Cakes.