People You Should Know. Transgender Actor Kingston Faraday.

Kingston Faraday, Black Transgender Actors
Photo Credit: Elizabeth Strong.

1. He is starring in legendary queer filmmaker Cheryl Dunye’s “Black is Blue” about a black trans man who “struggles with his identity after meeting an ex-lover from his past.” Support the movie on kickstarter.

2. In addition to being an actor, Faraday is also a defense-side investigator, an activist, and a writer.

3. Cheryl Dunye contacted Faraday over Instagram to offer him the lead role in her film “Black is Blue”.

4. Faraday felt similar to his character Black in the film “Black is Blue” because he, like Black, often passes as a cis-gender male.

5. He believes that “Black is Blue” will add to the conversation about marginalized bodies and will be a project that different types of people can identify with.