Photographer Speaks Out After Being Ridiculed For Her Dark Skin.

Danielle Jazz Noel

Danielle “Jazz” Noel is a photographer and a Columbia University student. She recently appeared in a lighthearted video for Elite Daily, featuring “Exes Snooping Through Each Other’s Phones.”

The video’s comment section quickly turned into a disaster, with several users referring to Danielle as “gorilla” and “bitch.” Other users countered these comments and spoke out in her defense.

Danielle spoke out about the abuse that she received in an essay for

I am eternally appreciative for growing up with such a strong family unit that nurtured my proper development and ensured my self-love, despite what anyone had to say. I’m someone who is very comfortable in my skin, and prefer my nose, lips and any other feature that makes me, me. I truly due pity anyone who feels the need to try to make me feel inferior.

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