Planning to Shop an Engagement Ring? Keep These 9 Rules in Mind

While shopping for an engagement ring is an exciting experience, it can also be a nerve-wracking one. Shopping an engagement ring involves two main things: selecting a ring that will appease your partner and paying for the actual ring.

Regardless of the type of ring you want to buy or the cost of the ring, the shopping process can be much smoother if you plan ahead of time. Don’t worry we’ve done the legwork for you by providing do’s and don’ts so you can understand what you need before heading to the jewelry store.

If you’ll be shopping for an engagement ring in the near future, keep the following tips in mind.

1. Learn the Basics

It makes sense to learn the basics of engagement rings, especially if you’re considering the fancy colored diamonds.

It’s possible you already know about the 4 C’s of diamonds: color, clarity, cut and carat. All these determine the appearance of the ring and so knowing their differences goes a long way in helping you choose exactly what you want.

2. Look for Hints

If you’ve ever discussed the issue of marriage with your partner, there’s a possibility that you’ve also thought about an engagement ring. If your partner has not hinted about the type of ring they would want, and you’re ready to go shopping, there are a number of ways you can find out.

You can start by checking the type of content your partner has been liking on Instagram and Facebook. Another way is to inquire from their best friends or a close relative like mom or a sister.

You can also do some discreet digging into your partner’s everyday accessories. Are they colorful and bold, or classic and understated? All these will make it easier for you to choose a ring that your partner will like.

3. Decide On a Budget

There’s no right or wrong amount of money to spend on an engagement ring. The amount you spend should match your financial capabilities.

You can decide to pay the full amount of the ring at once or start with a down payment and pay the remaining amount overtime.

The price of your engagement ring will be determined by your location, the size and the quality of the ring you’re buying, and any additional customizations.

4. Find the Right Jeweler

Find a jeweler that offers perks such as resizing and upgrade policies. This allows you to adjust the band size of your partner’s ring as well as upgrade the diamond’s size as required. Get recommendations from family members or friends and also check the reviews of local jewelers so you can get the one that matches your needs.

If you plan to buy your engagement ring online, be sure to take your time so you can find a reputable jeweler who provides high-resolution previews, gemstone certification, and reasonable return policy.

5. Select the Setting First

It is advisable to choose the setting first when buying an engagement ring. Prong, halo, and split-shank are some of the common engagement ring settings.

Also, be sure to decide the type of engagement ring metal you need when choosing the setting. These features will determine the color and cut of the center diamond.

6. Avoid Rushing the Buying Process

While most people purchase engagement rings about two months prior to the wedding, we would advise you to start researching rings six months at the least.

This will not only give you enough time to find out about your partner’s style but also allow you to save money on the purchase.

7. Don’t Overspend

The amount of money you spend on a ring is a personal choice. Be sure to consider your income as well as other expenses before deciding how much to spend on a ring.

8. Don’t Feel Pressured to Buy the Ring

Keep in mind that you might not be able to make a purchase the first day you enter into a jewelry store. You should use your first day at the jewelry store to research and familiarize yourself with the buying process.

Take note of the styles that are attractive to you. If you don’t get an ideal ring at a particular jeweler, don’t feel pressured to make a purchase. The last thing you want is to buy a ring that you’ll regret later.

9. Don’t Stress Out

Try as much as possible to stay calm during the buying process. Avoid overthinking in your search for a perfect ring as it’s something you can change in the future.