Quick Quotes. Beverly Johnson Had to Take a Typing Test To Book a Modeling Job.

Beverly Johnson, throwback, Black Fashion Models, Glamour Magazine

“A friend who was convinced I should be a model got me an appointment at Glamour. They told me to take a typing test, but I acted like I couldn’t even type. I had 20 words on the page. They said, why don’t you go get something to eat, and when I got back, they offered me a 10-day modeling job. Can you imagine?”

-Beverly Johnson, the first black supermodel, in this month’s Glamour Magazine on how she booked her first cover in 1972, for Glamour Magazine. She would go on to grace 15 more Glamour covers and a Vogue cover in 1974. Rumor has it that Naomi Campbell can bang out 60 words per minute on her Blackberry.