Quick Quotes. Darlene and Lizzy Opko of William Opko on Working With Solange.

William Okpo, Darlene Okpo, Lizzy Okpo
(image via i-D)

Since 2010, sibling design partners Darlene and Lizzy Opko have gained quite a following the the whimsical, modern design of their brand William Okpo, and their ongoing collaborations with Solange Knowles for her Puma sneaker collections. The pair recently spoke with i-D magazine on working with the artist and style maven.

How did you come to collaborate with Solange and Puma?

L: Solange has been a friend for a few years. We work with her on many projects and when she became the art director of Puma, she wanted to curate her collections, not claim she was designing them. She wanted to honour the people that she loves and help create based on what she admires. She loves visuals so she chose Hisham Bharoocha, Gerlan Jeans, and us. By bringing all of us on, she helped Puma to open up and take a different approach on things. We all connected so well and we really got to express ourselves. There were no rules.

D: It was an amazing and interesting process; we all went up to their headquarters and design lab in Boston together. There was so much fabric and we were like, “You mean we can pick any of it?” It was like a funhouse.

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