Quick Quotes. Retta isn’t Sick of ‘Treat Yo Self,’ But You Should Probably Say Something Else The Next Time You See Her.

Retta Parks and Recreation

Fans of Parks and Recreation will sadly be saying goodbye show to the show, but they’ll be left with a hilarious catchphrase thanks to the show’s breakout star Retta. Years after she delivered those famous words, fans still shout ‘Treat Yo Self’ to her whenever they recognize the comedian. When asked if she’s sick of it yet, she had this to say,

It’s been years since “treat yo self” first came up on the show, and I still see it on Twitter all the time. Why do you think it’s still so popular?

I know. It’s insane. Sometimes that’s all people know to say to me because they can’t remember my character’s name and don’t know my real name.

It’s really funny. My friend was on set that day when we were filming, and I remember we did the scene. And my friend said after we shot it, “That’s going to be huge.” And I was like, “Really?” And she was like, “That was hilarious. It’s going to be huge.” And I didn’t think anything of it until the episode aired, and I looked at my Twitter account, and it was f—ing bananas. I’ve never had so many @-mentions in my life.

Will you ever get sick of it?

Oh, I’m already sick of it. [laughs] I’m not sick of it, I just think it’s hilarious that people think they’re being original when they say it to me. I’m like, “Do you realize how many times people say that to me all day every day?” People are like, “I have to do it.” It’s my “Dy-no-mite.” It’ll be on my headstone.

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