Reasons Why Backpacking Is Something You Want To Consider When Travelling

Traveling is a dream for everyone around the globe, but only a few of them manage to make it a dream come true. Traveling gives you tremendous experience and adventure through the variety of destinations you’re visiting, the different kinds of people you’re meeting, to the customs you’re experiencing, and the endless memories you’re creating. Nowadays, there are a number of ways you travel, and one of the most adventurous ways has to be backpacking.

Not many handle the lifestyle of a backpacker, even though a lot of seasoned travelers highly recommend it. When you decide to backpack through an unknown destination, it gives an outstanding feeling of independence and a chance to fuel your curiosity and wonder about the world and its inhabitants, not to mention that it’s much more affordable than any other kind of traveling. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the personal gain you’ll receive when backpacking your way through a destination of your choice.

If you’re still on the fence, we’ve gathered the top reasons why backpacking is something you should definitely consider for your next travel experience.

It’s More Affordable

One of the main reasons why backpacking is an extremely popular and trendy way of traveling, especially among the younger generation, is that it’s super cheap. You’ll be saving a ton of money on flight tickets, fancy meals, and luxury hotels. Let’s say you decide to backpack your way through Europe; you’ll only pay for one flight ticket and make your way through other countries on buses or trains, eat delicious street food, and budget-friendly activities.

Your accommodation will be affordable as well; you can camp in designated areas to truly experience wilderness and nature. When you decide on camping as your choice of accommodation, finding the right tent is highly necessary. You need to look for one that is sturdy, can handle your traveling conditions, and offer you a safe space underneath the stars. Other accommodations you can go for are room rentals at homes, through online services, stay at B&Bs and inns, or even group hostels – which are a hit among many backpackers due to their convenience.

More Destinations to Visit

The fact that backpacking is cheaper also means that you have the opportunity to make use of the money you’re saving by visiting more destinations. You’ll be able to experience many other countries in a way you won’t be able to if you’re blowing all your money on one destination. It will allow you to cross off many places off your bucket list and give you a sense of adventure anytime you’re heading out somewhere new. Many don’t have the luxury of traveling several times in their lifetime, so that’s why backpacking is the surest way of seeing the globe.

A Great Way to Make New Friends

When you’re a backpacker, you get to travel off the beaten path. And so, you get to experience the locals’ lifestyle, culture, and customs, unlike any other kind of traveler. You might think that if you travel solo it will be a lonely trip; however, many experienced backpackers have claimed that solo traveling allowed them to make lasting friendships with locals as well as other fellow backpackers they’ve randomly bumped into.

Many group hostels are built primarily to create a harmonious atmosphere among travelers, and it’s the perfect place to meet like-minded individuals, make lasting friendships, share experiences, and make new memories.

It Boosts Confidence

Backpacking allows you to become braver than you actually realize; thus, you’ll become more confident and adventurous. Many people find it strange at first to experience a new culture, a new language, and different living arrangements as well as cuisines; however, backpackers develop the necessary bravery, confidence, and resilience to handle anything that comes their way. You’ll get lost or face unnecessary obstacles, but traveling this way will give you the much-needed confidence boost to brush those problem-solving skills and use them to fix whatever issue you may encounter.

Off the Beaten Track

You’re traveling to a new country every few days, and that means you’re introducing yourself to different cultures, new cuisines, and new friendships. Backpacking allows you to try new things that aren’t written in an itinerary provided by a travel agency. You get to experience your destination as the locals do; something far from all the crowded tourist spots, cheaper than any tourist prices, and much more authentic. It also gives you a first-hand view of any country’s turmoil, lifestyle, and culture, causing you to become more aware than reading it off any newspaper.

You’ll Appreciate the Little Things

Traveling develops your mindset and personality drastically; you’ll become much more appreciative of the little things. When you’ve traveled through different countries, especially impoverished areas, you’ll find that your first-world problems don’t really mean much anymore. When you’ve learned how to live on a budget, often restricting certain luxuries while you travel just for the backpacking experience, it might make you more modest when you come back home and appreciate the simple life. You’ll become more patient, kinder, more tolerant, and not to mention worldly.

Time is Flexible

One of the cool things about backpacking is that time becomes fluid. If you want to stay an extra night at a certain destination, you’ll make the arrangements necessary for it. If you want to switch around the sequence of which country to visit first, that can also be arranged. You’ll get to travel with an extremely flexible time frame that allows you to do whatever you want whenever you want without a rush. You’ll take your time, and you won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything.

While there are numerous other ways to travel, there’s no denying that backpackers get to experience the world like no other travelers. They get to have an adventure of a lifetime with each country they pass through, make new friends, create lasting memories, and add a number of new life skills to their personalities. We only get one life to live, and so spending it living adventures and creating memories isn’t the wrong way to go.