Over many decades, wristwatches have evolved into a non-negotiable wardrobe standard, mostly for the menfolk. This fact begs the question: why should every man wear a watch?

Isn’t it interesting that wristwatches have assumed an irrefutable position in our wardrobes? What used to be so insignificant has become a significant part of society, so much that your fashion statement is incomplete without it. Gone are the days when wristwatches were primarily known for their timekeeping property. Even with the invention of smartphones, one would expect that wristwatches will go into extinction; after all, smartphones can tell the time. But this isn’t the case.

As seen on the wrists of business moguls and decision-makers, it is evident that this timepiece serves a plethora of purposes – most of which would be discussed in this article.

1.     Convenience

Before you argue that smartphones are better time-telling alternatives, let’s paint a scenario where you are chairing a meeting, and someone constantly stares at his phone while you are making an important point. Rude and may be distracting. It is easier to steal glances at your wristwatch during conversations. And when the need to stay punctual becomes the priority, you can always count on your time-telling wrist buddy. Not only that, a wristwatch like the Citizen’s famed Eco-Drive series featured on SpotTheWatch is designed to be worn as a functional diver and also for a formal party. A quality and reliable wristwatch is undeniably a must-have piece because of the versatility, style, and convenience it offers

2.     Functionality

Again, wristwatches have evolved beyond basic time-telling. Hence, you will find more specialized wristwatches at Filippo Loreti and these watches are renowned for the additional features they come with. Occasionally regarded as complications, some features beyond the primary display of time have been incorporated into modern premium wristwatches. The moonphase watches and the chronograph watches are specific examples. While the moonphase depicts the lunar phase, the chronograph enables the ‘stopwatch’ function.

3.     Show of style

Did you know that wristwatches are amongst the first three accessories anyone meeting you the first time would spot on you? As this is the case, it also means wearing quality wristwatches defines personal style, especially when combined with sister accessories – cufflinks and bracelets. Therefore, watches generally define your personality and masculinity, where watch straps are often interchanged to match your mood, outing, or adventure.

4.     Simplicity

In the simplicity of wristwatches will you discover that you don’t need a smartphone to check the time. Thanks to the latest technology, you can trust your wrist buddy to remain active throughout the day, during which your smartphone battery might have failed. As long as you need to stay atop your activities during the day, the simplicity of wristwatch technology is more than enough. Your smartphone can handle other social media notifications while your wristwatch ensures you remain an early bird at every appointment.

5.     Typical heirlooms

Quality wristwatches, as you’ll find on Filippo Loreti, are quintessential heirlooms, transcending different generations without losing its basic function. Known as the ‘gift that keeps on giving,’ wristwatches are the ultimate legacy since they are capable of passing on your values to your heir or beneficiary. Bringing it a little close to home, gifting customized premium wristwatches during significant celebrations (namely birthdays or anniversaries), is always a welcome idea.

Wearing a watch can spice up your overall outlook, more so as a man. In case you’ve decided to include this fashion piece in your wardrobe, you will find a curation of wristwatches at Filippo Loreti, including bracelets and other accessories.