Reasons Why Sicily Is the Ultimate Destination of the Moment

Are you an enthusiastic traveler? Probably YES. Do you have the best next destination in mind?

If stuck and don’t know where to visit next, fret not. Sicily is the ultimate destination of the moment. The reason?

Sicily is what many tourists, newbies, or apt call the “Real Italy.” It is located a few miles from the mainland and is a dream island that offers all you yearn for in life. 

This article will enlighten you on why you should make Sicily your dream destination today. Read here to learn more.

Why Visit Sicily- Key Things to Hold at Your Fingertips

Indeed, many things will attract you to Sicily. The list may be endless, but here is what stands out about this Mediterranean island. 

Book and Stay High-Quality Villas 

Accommodation is a key facet many tourists consider when looking for the best holiday destination. If you are wondering where to stay in Sicily, don’t stress. There are high-quality villas that will satisfy your needs and preferences. 

Whether visiting during the summer or autumn holidays, you will be spoilt for choice as there are amazing villas to book. Significantly, to be on the winning side, it is advisable to do your research by visiting top platforms that offer information about villas in Sicily. You can also seek recommendations from family members, friends, and colleagues who have visited this Italian region. 

These villas are ideal for a luxury holiday and offer a taste of unparalleled recreation and seclusion. They offer first-class amenities you will undoubtedly fall in love with on any given day. Amenities are the biggest asset of any villa, and comforts to expect in Sicily include:

●       Swimming Pools 

●       Barbecue

●       Garden furniture

●       Sauna

●       Entertainment Room equipped with all appliances and devices 

●       Wi-Fi 

●       Washing Machine

●       Open Fireplace

●       Private Parking

●       Unmatched security equipment such as automatic gates and CCTV cameras

Top pick villas to book today include:

1.       Essence

2.       Villa Sciutìa

3.       Plemmirio Bay

4.       Orizzonte

5.       Prestige

6.       Blue Solanto

7.       Seashore

8.       Casa Luce

9.       Villa Mazzarò

Charming Mediterranean Landscape 

Sicily offers that dream Mediterranean landscape style for you and your loved ones. The villas you will come across have distinctive gardens or backyards you will like at first glance. They provide a casual elegance no other destination in Italy will guarantee. The landscape will transport you to another world each time you step out of your villa. Interestingly, you will not miss the view of the glistening blue sea and amazing beaches. 

You will take your outdoor lifestyle to another level higher. The accents and accessories within your dream villas will always grab your attention. It will not be easy to forget such an experience. You can use the inspiration to create your own Mediterranean landscape back home.

Live the Luxury Lifestyle

The island will present you with an opportunity to live the “Dolce Vita” between different kinds of luxury. You will enjoy a life full of pleasure, mundane events, and beauty. “Sweet Life.” A life lived to the fullest in Sicily will include:

●       Sampling and eating your favorite and delectable Sicilian cuisines (cannoli, arancini, caponata, red prawns, pasta alla norma);

●       Drinking one of the best wines in Italy (Nero d’Avola, Grillo, Insolia, Malvasia, Marsala);

●       Seeing one of the best ancient sights and museums (The Greek Theatre in Taormina, The Valleys of Temples in Agrigento, The Cathedrals of Monreale and Palermo, Selinunte Temples, Mount Etna);

●       Visiting the best beaches in the Italian region (San Vito Lo Capo, Isola Bella, Mondello, Cefalù, Scala dei Turchi) and 

●       Undertaking and enjoying varied outdoor activities in the region like excursions, water sports and guided tours.

You will find many positives in your life by visiting Sicily. Start by enjoying the simple pleasure and knowing the importance of relationships and healthy living.

Summing Up 

Sicily is a magical destination that will blow your mind the first time you visit Italy. The Mediterranean Island will offer every kind of luxury you yearn for in life. Whether you daydream about staying in high-quality villas, visiting the best beaches, drinking the best wines, or eating delicious foods, Sicily has it all. To experience the best of this island, get started by booking a villa. Make the most of the best local travel agency Select Sicily, and you will never have a dull moment during your holidays.