Red Summer. A Woman Who Does It All.

Red Summer, Poetry, Black Lesbian Writers

I’ve pondered to myself time and time again– what can’t Red Summer do? She’s an actress, author, a performer of the spoken word, a documentary producer–the list goes on. She’s basically a lesbian superwoman, who’s always happy to share her talents with the world.

She’s as gracious as she is talented, just recently speaking at the University of Georgia for ‘The Women & Girls in Georgia Conference,’ a conference that aims at empowering our young girls. Here you’ll find both written and spoken word poetry.

Because I Never Loved You..

I’m glad I never wrote you poetry

Never wasted a drop of ink

to ensure your immortality

Never spent an hour depicting you marvelous

Never carved into marble this feeling

I drafted for you

Not once did I try to describe

the things I lost in the fire of your tongue

not even for my girlfriends or the insurance adjuster

I did not outline you

defining the shape of your curve

or fill you in with vibrant color

I did not make you my art

Did not moan you into any microphone

Even when you crucified me

I crafted no graven images in your honor

Never named you gospel

Left no sepia snapshots to accentuate the obituary

I didn’t even watch the tears fall

in search of rainbows hiding

in the pools before they dried


I never danced this desperation

Never folded my heart into elaborate origami

And I most certainly


Wrote you poetry

Here she is in action.

Here is the extended trailer for a “Alnisa”, a documentary she directed.