Republicans Attempt to Block Planned Harriet Tubman $20 Bill.

Harriety Tubman $20

The House of Representatives will not vote to block Harriet Tubman from appearing on the $20 bill.

Earlier this year, the announcement that Tubman was set to appear on a newly designed $20 bill, which would be unveiled in the year 2020 drew mixed reactions ranging from enthusiasm, to ethical concerns to outright hatred and disdain. Several Civil Rights leaders and influential women in history are also set to appear on redesigned $5 and $10 bills.

Donald Trump was among those who opposed the Tubman twenty, decrying the choice as a function of “political correctness.”

Representative Steve King, Republican of Iowa, recently filed a motion to black the planned Tubman currency.

“It’s not about Harriet Tubman, it’s about keeping the picture on the $20,” King said on Tuesday evening. “Y’know? Why would you want to change that? I am a conservative, I like to keep what we have.”

He also called the move to put Tubman on the $20 bill “racist,” “sexist,” and “divisive.”

Fortunately the House managed to successfully block King’s proposed amendment.