Rocking Out To “The Skins”.

The Skins, Swagger New York
(image credit: Ryan Jay via Swagger New York)

Check out the Brooklyn based rock band who has performed both at Sundance and AfroPunk. Their sound is a unique one. The lead vocalist has a deep soulful sound that magically blends with the electrifying guitar riffs throughout their ballads. When asked about their identity as musicians, the lead singer Bayli had this to say:

The fact that we are from Brooklyn, black, like Led Zeppelin, and want to play actual rock is a surprise for most people, but don’t get it twisted, The Skins rock is anything but traditional. “All of us are interested in different types of music,” Daisy added. “Reef plays a lot of hip hop beats, Russell keeps the guitar playing solid rock. I am in between. Bayli has a soulful voice and Kayla holds it down. [So} while we’re obviously a rock group, we don’t only like rock music.