Santigold Collaborates With Kara Walker For ‘Banshee’ Music Video.

Kara Walker

Santigold’s latest music video is also a collaboration with famed contemporary artist Kara Walker. The creative pair first met back in June at Gucci’s spring/summer men’s show, and soon after made the spontaneous decision to collaborate on a music video for “Banshee.” The single comes off of Santigold’s February release 99¢.

The visuals for “Banshee” focus primarily on two figures, silhouettes of Walker and Santigold, as well as images of an alligator, a man, and a crow.

Walker tells the T,

“Ari said we could do this video shoot in a day and I was a little unbelieving at first, but it was essentially true,” Walker says. “The goal was to keep it simple and trust each other and trust the music, since the music is the point of this film experiment. I pulled out all the low-tech tools I have in the studio, spotlights and overhead projectors.”