School Tells Florida Teen Her Natural Hair is ‘Extreme’ and ‘Faddish.’

Jenesis Johnson

Seventeen-year-old Jenesis Johnson, a junior at North Florida Christian in Tallahassee, Florida, is the latest black girl to make headlines over being discriminated because of her natural hair.

Speaking to local media, Jenesis says that, two days after a teacher had commented on her hair she was called into the assistant principal’s office — where she was chastised over her afro.

“Your hair is extreme and faddish and out of control. It’s all over the place,” Jenesis recalls being told.

Page 42 of the North Florida Christian School’s handbook states: “No faddish or extreme hairstyles, and hair should be neat and clean at all times. The administration will make the decision on any questionable styles.”

The school told Jenesis and her family told that her afro was in violation of policy and that she would be unable to continue attending the school next year, unless she changed her hair.

“You might say that it didn’t fit the handbook,” says Jenesis’ mother. “But I saw, and what she heard is a woman telling her that she’s not pretty; her hair does fit society.”