Secrets to Young-Looking Skin

Signs of aging can show as early as we reach our 20s to 30s. This can be frustrating especially when you’ve invested with skincare products, from the most effective retinol cream to the steps of applying these products to your face day and night.

But do not lose hope for there are still these secrets you can try to get younger-looking skin without spending a lot of fortune.

SECRET #1: Clean your makeup brushes
As much as you rigorously wash your face, you also have to ensure that everything that you put on your face is clean as well. Let’s take your makeup brushes and sponges as an example. These things that you regularly use can accumulate a lot of product and dirt that would put your skincare routine to waste.

How do you wash these makeup brushes and sponges? All you have to do is use a gentle facial cleanser to clean it and let it dry before using. You may do this once a month and observe for yourself the difference it did to your skin.

SECRET #2: Wash face with lukewarm water
Commonly popular in Asian countries, the use of lukewarm water in washing your face can help in constricting blood vessels and reduce redness without drying out your skin. The practice of washing your face using this method can have an advantageous effect on your skin in the long run.

SECRET #3:Put on some essence
Still, an Asian beauty secret, especially for Japanese women, is adding essence to your skincare routine. A few drops of essence patted all over your skin can help in improving the overall texture and appearance of your skin – making it radiant and glowing. Since essence usually has vitamins and amino acids it can give you the brighter, smoother and even-toned skin in just a couple of weeks. To top that, it also has anti-aging composition to guarantee that you’ll look even younger for your age.

SECRET #4:Watch your sugar intake
While coconut water, almond milk, and green juice give you the essential nutrients to keep your skin looking healthy inside and out, the amount of sugar from other ‘healthy drinks’ can put not only your skin but your health at stake. Too much sugar can aide in inflammation and breakouts, that’s why as much as possible always go with naturally-made goods.

SECRET #5: Stick with the perfect serum
In looking for the perfect serum to use, always look for the product that would resolve your current dilemma – is it dark spots or dull skin? Generally, serum has the ability to reduce the signs of aging and give your skin a smoother and younger-looking aura.

SECRET #6: Skincare for your neck and hands
Did you know that your neck and hands also tell your age? That’s why it’s important to not neglect these parts of your body in your everyday skincare routine. Every time you wash your face and apply skincare products to it, do not forget to put the same thing with your neck. And as for your hands, always wash it and apply a moisturizer or hand lotion to keep it moisturized and hydrated.

SECRET #7: Ask for professional advice
Ever wonder why your favorite actress shows no signs of aging? It’s because aside from their skincare ritual, they also seek professional advice on how to treat their skin properly. Regular facial from your preferred dermatologist can help in invigorating your skin and maintain the glow you’ve worked hard on getting.