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ChiChia London, Black Fashion Designers

For Fall ’15, London-based designer Christine Mhando of CHiCHiA decided to go with a floral inspiration.

According to the Mhando,

“The colourful, vibrant hibiscus serves as the core inspiration for Autumn Winter 2015, setting the tone for a rich and vivid colour palette where colourful hues unapologetically inject an expressive outline to the contemporary, relaxed silhouettes. The collection also experiments with hand crafted textures and embellishments that add an enhanced feel to the pieces . Maasai inspired hand beading and fringe detailing is seen throughout the range with contrasting mis-matched prints merged together to form decorative textiles that tell a new story with each garment.

This season we have collaborated with local Tanzanian artisans (Traditional kikoy weavers, hand beaders, screen printers and garment makers) who lent their skills to help produce a range of high quality garments created using a mix of fabrics and natural textures such as the woven cotton ‘KIKOI’, waxed cottons, printed cotton khanga, paying close attention to sophisticated craftsmanship and techniques fused with CHiCHiA signature traditional East African fabrics and prints.”

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