Simple Ways To Make Your Wedding Day More Unique

Every year, approximately 2.5 million weddings take place in the USA. With so many couples saying ‘I do,’ it is not surprising that an increasing number of brides-to-be are yearning for a wedding that features at least a few unique elements. There are many great sources of unique wedding day inspiration, including your own imagination, and, of course, the internet. Once a wedding style idea hits the internet, however, it doesn’t remain unique for much longer. Thankfully, most of the following ideas can easily be adapted with your own personal touches to once again make them inspirational and unique.

Opt for a minimalist dress in a unique color

Over recent years two wedding dress styles, in particular, have become increasingly popular. Although minimalist dresses and colorful dresses were both once considered very unique, they soon became a red-hot trend that featured at countless weddings. If you are inspired by both of these dress trends but are looking for something truly unique, why not opt for a combination of the two? Choose a slinky slip dress, an elegant cowl neck, or an understated A-line gown in a novel color (at least as far as wedding dresses are concerned) such as pink, blue, red or violet. You can even opt for a multi-colored dress with an interesting print that is bound to be as special and unique as you are.

Choose jewelry that makes a statement

Although the wedding dress is an important focal point at any wedding, the jewelry a bride wears can either enhance or diminish the overall look. Classic pieces remain a popular choice, although many brides are embracing their own style by choosing rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces featuring interesting designs and finishes. There are many astounding jewelry designers, such as Ashley Thorne and Danyell Rascoe, who pride themselves on their unique and eclectic designs. If you haven’t found any designs you are particularly fond of, consider browsing the internet for some inspiration. Even though it is unethical to duplicate someone else’s designs, an expert jeweler will be able to draw inspiration from the references you provide and create striking and unique pieces for you.

Dress your wedding party in a fun style

Traditionally, bridesmaids and groomsmen were all dressed similarly (apart from perhaps the maid of honor and best man) in a style that complements the bridal gown. As more couples started to embrace the appeal of unique wedding style elements, wedding party attire started to undergo a transformation. There is no rule that states that bridesmaids have to wear the same style or color of dress, or even wear dresses at all. An edgy-chic menswear look has added a touch of uniqueness to various weddings in recent times, and can be made even more unique if each groomsman wears a different color shirt, for instance. As far as the groomsmen are concerned, a touch of individuality can be achieved by dressing them in the kit of the groom’s favorite sports team, for instance.

Adding unique elements to your wedding can make it even more memorable. If you like what someone else has done on their wedding day but don’t want to outright steal their idea, you can put your own spin on it to ensure that it remains unique.