Sport Hijab Line Offers New Options for Young Girls.

Asiya Sport Hijabs

With brands like Uniqlo and Dolce and Gabbana producing them, hijabs have finally entered the realm of mainstream fashion. But despite major progress, hijab wearers who play sports are still searching for options that will allow them to preserve their modesty while keeping active.

Asiya, a new line of sport hijabs, hopes to change that. Asiya was co-founded by Jamie Glover, a marketing specialist and MBA student, and Fatimah Hussein, a Somali-American who has worked with girls from her community at a Minnesota community center for over a decade. In the past, Hussein has worked with the University of Minnesota to design modest uniforms for girls who participated in sports at the center. Her research and work helped her to develop Asiya.

Sport hijabs by Asiya are stretchy and designed to stay in place without the use of pins. Their unique design also allows them to be tucked into uniforms in order to avoid grabbing or snagging.

Asiya Sport Hijabs

Asiya is set to launch in 2017, but you can pre-order options via their fully-funded Indiegogo page. You can also head over to for more info.