Spring is coming: How to transition with style

When the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, we have a lot to celebrate. The end of winter not only means that we can finally enjoy the first rays of sunshine and look forward to picnics, bike rides, and ice-cream dates. It also means that the time has come to flaunt the latest fashion trends. However, all the ladies who can’t wait to get out their swimsuits still need to curb their enthusiasm. During the early days of spring, temperatures are not quite as high as we might wish. Hence, layering is key to navigating the transition phase between winter and summer. If you want to stay comfy and fashionable at this time of year, here’s our latest guide for layering in every style and size.

1. Keep it light

Spring is the perfect moment to get rid of unnecessary baggage – whether it be cleaning out your pantry, taking care of your tax returns, or putting weighty winter gear back into the closet. Instead of fluffy sweaters, you should now opt for thin and smooth fabrics such as silk and cotton. This season, you can’t go wrong with fluttering tops in all shapes and colors. Curvy girls will find an abundance of plus-size blouses ranging from casual to chic. Fashionistas on the slimmer side can equally shine in widely cut shirts combined with skinny jeans or tights. To prepare yourself for the occasional cold gust of wind or rain shower, you can rely on assets like:

● denim and (faux) leather jackets

● boots in original Dr. Martens design

● cardigans and blazers

Biker-style clothes or accessories work particularly well together with light colors and soft fabrics. By way of example, you can create an eye-catching contrast by mixing black lace-up boots, a black jacket, and a white or floral-print blouse.

2. Bye, bye knit – hello, crochet!

Winter might be over, but the season for stylish “Grandma” looks has just begun. If you feel sad about putting away your favorite knitted sweaters until next Christmas, we have good news: Crochet ranks among the top trends on the catwalks in 2020. You will find anything from casual pullovers and sexy beachwear to long maxi-dresses. Crochet pieces not only add a cozy layer to your spring outfit, but also help to make fashion more sustainable. Rather than buying off-the-shelf clothes, have you ever considered making your own crochet pieces at home? All you need is:

● free time and a good idea

● hooks, yarn, and a pair of scissors

an inspiring DIY-guide to perfect your skills step by step.

This way, you can easily upgrade your spring wardrobe without spending any extra money. Plus, crocheting is a great opportunity to bond with your mom, Granny, or favorite auntie while drinking coffee (or wine) and checking up on the latest gossip!

3. High, higher, high-waist

Judging from what we’ve seen on the streets and catwalks lately, the high-waist trend has come to stay. Just like last summer, ladies in all sizes can get a perfect hour-glass shape with the right outfit. As long as it’s not warm enough to take out bathing suits and hot pants yet, there are still endless possibilities to rock the high-waist style:

● midi skirts in combination with blazers or jackets

● jeans together with crop tops and cardigans

● long jumpsuits (take a light coat with you just in case)

Depending on the occasion, you can upgrade or downgrade your high-waist look with the help of a few simple tricks. If you want switch from day to night, just replace your sneakers with high heels and add a sparkly belt. Alternatively, you can make an elegant jumpsuit more casual by wearing flat ballerinas and a cozy cardigan on top.

4. Play with colors

Last but not least, the season of blue skies and blossoming flowers calls for an extra dose of fresh color. To that end, you can barely go wrong in 2020: Bold neon pieces in pink, green, or yellow are just as welcome as subtle pastel hues. Watch out though: While it may not matter what color you wear, it very much matters how you wear it. Too many shades at once will spoil any outfit. Hence, you should always settle for one dominant tone and choose your accessories accordingly. A pink blazer works best with a black backdrop, for example. A nude jacket, on the other hand, blends perfectly with a white shirt. No matter what colors you go for – keep in mind that less is usually more in any given season!