Still Not Sure About Driving An Electric Vehicle? Here Are Some Really Good Reasons Why You Should

Looking for a new car can be a challenging task as doing so entails a lot of considerations, such as your budget, the type of vehicle that’s right for you, and the upkeep that buying a car should entail. Another important consideration is whether you should put your money into a gas-powered car, or if you should go along with 71% of Americans who are expressing their interest in shifting to electric vehicles. Investing in an EV, however, is not only a trend but an environmentally sound decision that has a lot of perks you can enjoy. Here are a few.

Engine Efficiency

One of the key advantages of driving an electric vehicle is efficiency. In a conventional car, only around 12% to 30% of its energy is spent to actually put it in motion. The rest of the energy is spent on its engine. A lot of these losses are cut with EVs, which convert over 77% of its electrical energy from its source to its wheels. In newer models of EVs, this level of efficiency can go up to 90%, and even more so if you maximize your vehicle’s range by removing any excess weight from your car and keeping your tires properly inflated. These can keep your EV running for longer periods of time without needlessly expending energy.

High Performance

While EVs were originally marketed for their low-carbon emissions, newer models also deliver when it comes to performance, thus appealing even to hardcore car enthusiasts. As a matter of fact, some EVs can outperform cars that run on gas. For example, the Tesla Model 3, which is dubbed as one of the best EVs in the market right now, boasts of an impressive torque that can make it go from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.2 seconds, as well as a max power of 430 hp. Meanwhile, Lucid Air, while more expensive, has arguably better performance as it accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in only 2.5 seconds and has a max power 1,111 hp.

Comfortable Rides

Aside from being energy efficient and high performing, one of the best perks of EVs is that they are more comfortable to use. Conventional cars were originally designed to accommodate the engine. Meanwhile, electric cars are designed around a user’s needs. As such, without hundreds of moving parts under the hood, EVs do not make much noise and have a low vibration when they are operated. Moreover, since EVs have no need for components that gas-powered cars typically require, such as an engine, a fuel tank, and air cooling systems, they have more internal room for the driver and the passenger, making rides more comfortable.

Switching to an EV has become more than just an eco-friendly choice. Aside from lower emissions, EVs also offer a chock-full of other benefits such as the three mentioned above. This just goes to show that technology has come a long way in making cars better not only for the environment, but also for those who drive them.