Stromae Deals With A Twitter Addiction and Comments on Society’s Rampant Consumerism and Isolation in This Animated Music Video For Carmen.

Stromae Carmen

Belgian musician Stromae deals with a Twitter addiction in this new animated music video for his song “Carmen.” The song which comes off of the European hitmakers 2013 Racine Carrée LP. In the animated video for the track, which is dedication to the classic Georges Bizet play, from which the song’s melody was taken, we see a cartoon version of the singer try to get that blue bird off his pack.

The singer says, “In 1875 Georges Bizet compared love to a rebellious bird.” Stromae told BuzzFeed Music in an email. “140 years later (and in 140 characters-messages) love is a blue bird.”

The music video include subtitles so that English speakers can get a complete taste of “Carmen’s” seemingly dark, nihilistic lyrics, which are also a commentary on technology in modern society.