Style Inspiration. V Bozeman’s Futuristic-Chic Looks.

V. Bozeman Empire style

After powerhouse songstress V. Bozeman was spotted belting out a serious track in the opening scene of the premiere episode of the hit FOX show EMPIRE, viewers immediately wanted to know — “who’s that girl?”

Fans were quickly drawn to Bozeman’s unique style, just as much as her beautiful voice. Her shaved head is a major part of her overall look and works perfectly with many of the futuristic and sexy ensembles she often sports.

“I have done the weaves and all of that. But I was like, let me start over and reinvent myself,” Bozeman tells Essence. “So when I shaved my head, I was like wow, okay this is pretty drastic! I was like, what did I do? But then I started to feel more comfortable in my skin!”

While Bozeman tends to favor black, white, and silver looks, she also looks killer in the occasional pop color or pattern.

Check out some of our favorite looks from V. Bozeman below, as well as few shopping picks.


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